Other Activities

Open Source Software commitment

spacy-course Japanese translation project

  • Participated in a project to enable users to use Japanese models in Japanese translated course.

Hugging Face Datasets Sprint 2020

  • The detail of the sprint is shown in HF newsletter.
  • As one of the 275+ participants, I joined the open-source community effort and create PRs of adding datasets.
  • The datasets added in the sprint is released in Hugging Face Datasets v1.2.

Presentation at Study Group

第11回 全日本コンピュータビジョン勉強会 CVPR2022読み会

I introduced “It is Okay to Not be Okay: Overcoming Emotional Bias in Affective Image Captioning by Contrastive Data Collection” [Mohamed et al., CVPR 2022] at the 11th japancv, on 2022-08-07.

第10回 全日本コンピュータビジョン勉強会 生成モデル縛り論文読み会

I introduced “GeoDiff: A Geometric Diffusion Model for Molecular Conformation Generation” [Xu et al., ICLR 2022] at the 10th japancv, on 2022-05-15.

第9回 全日本コンピュータビジョン勉強会  CVPR2021読み会

I introduced “Panoptic Narrative Grounding” [González et al., ICCV 2021] at the 9th japancv, on 2021-12-12.

第七回 全日本コンピュータビジョン勉強会  CVPR2021読み会

I introduced “Transitional Adaptation of Pretrained Models for Visual Storytelling” [Yu et al., CVPR 2021] at the 7th japancv, on 2021-07-31.

第六回 全日本コンピュータビジョン勉強会  Transformer 論文読み会

I introduced “An Image is Worth 16x16 Words: Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale” [Dosovitskiy et al., ICLR 2021] at the 6th japancv, on 2021-04-18.

第 41 回 コンピュータビジョン勉強会@関東

I introduced “A Hierarchical Approach for Generating Descriptive Image Paragraphs” [Krause et al., CVPR 2017] at the 41st kantocv, on 2017-08-19.