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International Journal

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International Conference/Workshop

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国内の研究会 (Domestic Workshop)

査読なし (unrefereed), in Japanese

  1. 森 友亮†, 上原康平†, 原田達也, († equal contribution) “視覚・言語融合 Transformer モデルによる画像からの物語文生成,” CAI+CAI first workshop (言語処理学会第 27 回年次大会 ワークショップ), 福岡(オンライン), 2021 年 3 月. [PDF (Workshop website)] [Presentation Slides (Workshop website)]
    • [English Title] VisualNT-BART: Image to Narrative Generation with Vision and Language Transformer
  2. 後藤 昂彦, 加沢 知毅, 宮本 大輔, ハウプト ステファン 周一, 森 友亮, 神崎 亮平, “大規模 RCGA による単一ニューロンに対する H-H 型モデルパラメータの推定 〜 カイコガ触角葉ニューロンを対象として 〜,” 信学技報, vol. 113, no. 382, NC2013-68, pp. 7-12, 福岡, 2014 年 1 月.
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  1. Yusuke Mori, Hiroaki Yamane, Yusuke Mukuta, Tatsuya Harada, “Computational Storytelling and Emotions: A Survey”, arXiv:2205.10967, 2022. [preprint (arXiv)]


COMPASS (a writing support system to COMPlement Author unaware Story gapS)

We proposed COMPASS, a creative writing support system that suggests completing the missing information that storytellers unintentionally omitted [Mori et al., 2023].

We conducted a user study of four professional creators who use Japanese and confirmed the system’s usefulness. We hope this effort will be a basis for further research on collaborative creation between creators and AI.

See the paper (Open Access) for the detail.


(the gif is from Abstracts of papers published in 2023 in the laboratory website)

Missing Position Prediction

We proposed a new task of story understanding “Missing Position Prediction”, aiming human creative writing assistance [Mori et al., LaTeCH-CLfL 2020, Text2Story 2021].

You can access the code of the prototype demonstration system from here.

The code can be run in your local environment or the Google Colab.



  1. Yusuke Mori, “COMPASS: A creative support system developed for storytellers from their point of view”, Interdisciplinary Workshop on Analysis of TV content, Tokyo, Japan, 2023/03/14. [Workshop website]

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